SmartHardware for Creo

Find and Fix Errors on the Fly

SmartHardware creates accurate Creo models and required features, using company approved hardware and manufacturing approved rules, with a high level of efficiency and limited user interaction.


Key Features

  • Flexible hardware model library options
    • Use your existing Creo hardware models
    • Use the library of hardware components included with SmartHardware
  • Combine the SmartHardware library with your existing library and customize to your unique requirements.
    • Add any hardware type to the library environment:
    • inserts, o-rings, gears, bearings, etc…
  • Allows development of local and regional DFMA rules for any design scenario.
  • Can be easily adapted to your environment and processes
  •  Works seamlessly with Windchill/PDMLink.

How It Works

  • User selects the type of hardware to be placed, placement location, and type.
  • SmartHardware offers applicable hardware options to the user
  • User selects the specific hardware and size to use
  • SmartHardware calculates the intersecting components based on user selections, and creates the necessary hole features(threaded, clearance, thru, etc.)
  • SmartHardware suggests additional fastening hardware when required by design rules.
  • User can override suggested design criteria by making additional selections as necessary.

Key Benefits

  • Allows standardization, yet flexible design for assembly of hardware
  • Designed for rapid customization and expansion to include all library parts
  • Key component in design standardization initiatives