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Embarking on an automation initiative, trying to implement  design standards, or simply looking for ways to eliminate non-value-added engineering work?  Contact SIGMAXIM to learn about a solution that is right for you!

Productivity Solutions for Creo

SIGMAXIM  solutions are as unique as each of the companies we serve.  Our customers develop products that range from large power plants to tiny connectors, and their design needs range from building standard products with little variation, to building  highly customized one-off assemblies. 

By partnering with your company we can leverage our CAD/CAM experience with your company's product knowledge to identify common design processes and methodologies and embed this knowledge directly within Creo (Pro/ENGINEER). Our solutions can make Creo specialized to your industry and range of products.

Our solutions focus on three key areas:

  • Design Process Standardization
  • Configurator Deliverables
  • CAD/CAM Automation
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Contact us to learn more about our productivity solutions.
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